Don't Just Replicate F2F Processes

As the ODR field has matured and technology has advanced, some of the early ideas about how to approach this field have been re-evaluated. As van Veenen notes,

"...we have seen that online communication may miss features that are
available in face-to-face communication, but at the same time
gains others. For an online dispute resolution system to be e
it should not just copy an existing offline procedure. The missing
features will make it difficult to obtain good results, and opportunities
provided by the unique features of online communication are missed.
Rather, specific dispute resolution processes should be designed for
online dispute resolution
" (from p. 24, emphasis added)

As we proceed with our research and explorations of communication technology and conflict, this task will be at the forefront.

Perhaps you will be one of the innovators that makes use of our modern technological affordances and takes online dispute resolution to a new level of engagement and effectiveness. Thanks for taking the time to explore communication theory and conflict resolution online.

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